New 20ft HC Double Door Container



Discover the Versatile 20ft High Cube Double Door Container

Looking for secure and spacious storage? Look no further! Our brand-new 20ft High Cube Double Door Container is your ultimate solution. Let’s dive into the details:

Double the Access, Double the Convenience:
Imagine having two sets of doors on each end of this container. It’s like creating a tunnel of storage possibilities! Whether you’re storing inventory, equipment, or personal belongings, easy access is guaranteed.
Made from durable Corten steel, this container ensures your valuables stay protected against corrosion and the elements.
Space Galore:
With dimensions of 20ft long, 8ft wide, and 9ft 6in tall, you get 1,322 cubic feet of storage space. That’s ample room for your business supplies, seasonal gear, or household items.
The heavy-duty marine-grade plywood floor keeps your belongings clean and dry, even during unpredictable weather.
Security and Portability Combined:
Our containers are water-tight, secure, and portab

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Weight 4410 kg