New 20ft Shipping Container Double Door


Exterior Measurement

Length 19′ 10″ 1/2

Width 8′ 0″

Height 8′ 6″

Interior Measuremenr

Length 19′ 4″ 13/64
Width 7′ 6″ 3/64
Height 7′ 6″ 33/64





We have a New 20ft shipping container double-door for sale, and we’d love to help you get one for your business. Our shipping container double door is perfect for indoor storage, as well as outdoor storage.

We’ve had a lot of success selling these new 20ft shipping container-double door in the past, and we’re excited to bring them back out into the market. Shipping containers are an awesome way to store your inventory, especially if you have limited space or need something that’s easy to move around. They’re also great for storage purposes, as they’re waterproof and extremely sturdy.

These particular containers have double doors on the front and rear, making it easy to access your belongings from all sides of the container itself. Not only that, but they come with a lockbox on each door so you can prevent unauthorized access without having to worry about keeping track of keys!

If you’re interested in learning more about these containers and how you can get one for yourself or someone else, contact us today! We’d love to talk with you about what makes these containers so special, how long it would take us to deliver one to you, and any other questions you may have.



Additional information

Weight 4410 kg